Relaunching Creating Communities

Today we’ve helped Creating Communities launch their new WordPress site with a simplified, fresh look.

The team at Creating Communities has a lot of depth in graphic design, and our role was to convert the design into a responsive site that is functional when used on mobile, tablet and desktop.

Creating CommunitiesAs is the case in so many web projects, one of the hardest tasks is to structure the site so it is easy to navigate. When this is done well, it looks so obvious that there could be no other way. Because this site uses a Pinboard design, there are two primary ways of navigating the site from the home page – let your eyes scan the images and headlines, or use the standard drop down nav.

The site makes use of fold down toggle components on the Our People page to help keep the site simple. Instead of using separate pages for each team member,  the new site allows all the team details to sit on the same page, with fold downs disclosing details where required.

To help present content in the right context, we created some custom shortcodes that allow recent topical news items to be displayed alongside the relevant pages.