On the weekend, the Hawthorn Football Club won the 2013 AFL Grand Final.

We at OM4 have a friendly relationship with the crew at Goin’ Off Safaris, who are keen Hawthorn fans.

The relationship is close enough that Glenn was silly enough to place a bet with Lunch at Goin’ Off Safaris:

  • If Fremantle win, the goinoffsafaris.com.au website would display the Dockers’ colours for a day
  • If Hawthorn win, the om4.com.au website would display the Hawks’ colours for a day

As a result, today the OM4 website is rocking the colours of the Hawks.

Our apologies, the OM4 website will be back to normal tomorrow.


Update 1/10/2013 9am: The OM4 website is returned to normal. For historical purposes, the screenshot above shows what the website looked like Sep 30 2013.