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New Website

Beautiful branding, compelling messages, Google smarts.

Ready to Upgrade?

Is it time to take your business to the next level? Your website can do just that. We can design and build a site that presents your brand beautifully and demonstrates the point of difference you bring to the marketplace. The website structure will be Google friendly so it is easy to find online. And just as importantly it will be human friendly. Our design will prioritise your customer experience and make your website simple to use. We'll work with you to devise effective sales messages so that browsing visitors become paying customers.

Let's Make This Happen

We start with a chat over coffee. You tell us about your business and what you want to achieve. We love to hear about you and your vision and your passion. When you're excited about your business, we get excited too.

Then we get practical. We give you an upfront fixed price quote with no surprises down the track. With your help we line up a series of dates to step your project through the stages of gathering materials, design, development and review.

When we walk through this clear process together you have delivery within 4 weeks of the project start date.

Local Friendly Team

We work as a close team to deliver online strategy, graphic design, website copy, search friendliness and powerful under the bonnet technical efficiency.

We are happy to explain things and share our industry knowledge. We offer paid training and support through a ticket based service desk. Learn how to use your website straight up, so it can grow along side your business. We will teach your team too, now and down the track. We like it best when we can develop a long term partnership with you. We keep learning about your business, and you keep developing your online presence.

Flexible WordPress

OM4 develops business websites on WordPress. WordPress is the most popular Content Management System (CMS) used for developing websites.

That is because it allows you to easily update your own content.  You can start out with a simple business website with just a few pages, or you can get a full featured website designed and built.

Whatever you choose, WordPress is a brilliant foundation. Know that you have flexibility in how your website can develop and who can work on it with you. Know that with OM4 and WordPress you have scope to grow from whatever level you start.

Beaver Builder With WordPress

We use the popular Beaver Builder system (with over a million users). We develop websites that are custom designed to match your brief.

We work without being restricted to pre-defined theme layouts. We've chosen Beaver Builder because it offers mobile friendly features, our customers find it easy use and it works brilliantly with WordPress. And just like WordPress, Beaver Builder offers absolute flexibility. If you plan on growing over time, WordPress and Beaver Builder will do that with you.

No Lock In Quality Hosting

When it comes to website hosting, our motto is go big or go home. We choose the most reputable WordPress hosting company, WP Engine. Choosing a quality hosting company is a lot like travel insurance. You simply hope you never need all the protection it offers. And if that day does come, you know you have expert help on call 24 hours a day.

We host our own site with WP Engine and encourage our clients to do the same. It is a choice that helps us sleep at night. Know though, you are free to transfer your website to another hosting provider at any time. There are no lock in contracts.

Choose Your Features

Custom Design or Template

Get a custom design or start with a template and add a custom design at a later date

Online Shopping

Sell products or services online and accept secure credit card payments.


Use a fully integrated blog offering email subscriptions to publish useful information about your business and build your search engine traffic.

Social Media

Integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin


Build useful enquiry forms with questions, droplists checkboxes and file uploads to make it easy for your customers to get in touch with you online.


Manage your own testimonial database and display freshly selected testimonials as customers browse your website

Image galleries

Display sets of images that relate to your business


Use your own domain name with integrated business email services

Search Engine Optimization

work on a website platform optimized for search engines

Google Maps

Include Google Maps in your web pages with one or more custom marker points

YouTube Videos

Embed YouTube videos into your web pages that play without leaving your site

Google Analytics

Find out how many visitors you are getting, what keyword searches and websites are sending them and what pages they are reading.

Self-Managed Content

Update your own pages, add pages, posts, images, PDFs, audio and video any time using the user friendly WordPress dashboard.

Email Newsletters

Include an email signup form in your website so visitors can opt in to your email subscription lists, send emails based on your custom designed template and track the results of your mail outs.


Offer public and member-only content, establish free and paid membership levels, allow members to edit their own page


Run your own advertising server allowing advertisers to view your rate card and pay online to request available ad slots.


Use video to explain your product or service.

It's Free To Talk

Let's talk about what you want to achieve. Together we can work out the next step to make that happen.