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We are a Perth web design agency who specialise in digital marketing and design. We work across many industries with a special focus on wineries, tourism and consultancies.

Our core business is building websites, many with eCommerce stores. We know search really well, and do strategy, SEO / Google Ads and conversion optimisation.

We are also creative, and work with clients on social media, copywriting and graphic design.

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They listen, and they hear you. That’s important to me. OM4 took a lot of time to get the freight right because we freight everything.

Joanne | Guildford Garden Centre

An online store is a big investment in time and money so you want to get it right first time.

We are WooCommerce experts who help you launch a well-designed online store that sells. Presenting your products well is the first step. We’ve built over 40 online stores, so we can help you sort out what is needed, whether it is shipping, payments, security, inventory, order fulfilment, multi-currency or geo-targetting. Get help from a team with outstanding technical skill and industry experience to drive your thriving online business.

The biggest problem with online advertising is ensuring that you are getting value from what you pay for.

Using paid online ads is a great way to get targeted traffic to your website. Google loves the idea that you’ll spend up big to get leads, but you’ll want to make sure you get value for money. We do paid search ads (Google Ads) as well as social ads (Facebook, Instagram). Hire us to help you focus on spending money to get customers (or stop spending money on ads that don’t convert). We’ll help you get clear on what adds value and what doesn’t.

Is your website presenting your best face to the digital world?

You need a website that looks great while being fast, secure and easy to use on mobiles as well as desktops. Oh, and you’ll want to be able to update your website on your own, without having to pay for every change. Get a new website that engages your customers and makes it easy for them to buy from you. We take care of the fundamentals like SEO, security, hosting, training and support so you can focus on growing your business.

Getting people to your web page is just the start.

A great website gets more visitors to take action. You want them to be calling, enquiring, chatting, booking, buying, or whatever it is you want them to do. We help you get your website to convert better by getting more people to take more action. Test how changes to your campaigns can boost customer click through rates. Active conversion monitoring programs help you maximise your sales conversion. We can help you understand and monitor your website’s conversion rate, and we’ll help you improve it over time.

Are you ever stuck for words? Why is it always harder to write about yourself?

Get help with your web copy. Give us your drafts, and we’ll edit and refine them. If time is short, we’ll interview you and transform your thoughts into beautiful web copy. Tell your story, create a customer journey, explain a product or process. We help you create engaging customer messages to help you find new business online. You’ll be surprised how easy this can be.

You’ve got a few seconds to make an impression. How do you look?

A professional brand identity helps you stand out from your competitors. Exhibition booths and banners, graphics, maps and illustrations, logo and identity design, business cards and brochures. Look great wherever your business appears. Add value to your business by increasing your customer engagement and sales conversion.

Do you ever wonder if you are wasting your time and money on social media?

A good social media approach has you focus on the channels that matter most to your customers. That means knowing your competition, measuring your results and taking action to do more of what benefits you. We can work with you to promote your business through Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google Business and Trip Advisor. We’ll help you get clear on where social media is valuable to you and how to realise that value.

OM4’s reliable software is used by more than 50,000 websites worldwide including thousands of online stores.

WooCommerce Extensions, WordPress Plugins, open source libraries and more. Looking for something custom to suit your specific requirements? We can help with that too!

Examples of Our Work

Like to see some examples of websites we have built in action?

Check out Moss Wood Winery (winery),Japingka Aboriginal Art (art gallery), Journey To The East Tours (tourism), Sustainable Farming Solutions (agriculture), PumpEng Submersible Pumps (industrial),

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