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How Your Website Can Free You Up

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Are you too busy running your business to think about your website? You’re certainly not alone. Business managers often wear too many hats, and website development is among the lists of tasks that get buried under day-to-day activity.

It’s only when you have an effective website with suitable functionality that you realise how much it can ease your daily stress.

Consider a family café located within a top tourist attraction, Perth’s Kings Park. Biara Café is a wonderful attraction in its own right, offering safe play areas for young children right next to the café, so that parents and carers can enjoy a coffee or meal while keeping an eye on their charges.

The café has been around for a long time, but as one of many attractions within Kings Park, it was battling for attention. The café managers wanted a dedicated site that would not only bring more attention to the café, but provide the opportunity to communicate some complex booking procedures for parties and showcase their catering options.

OM4 was able to drive the project, helping to find and direct a photographer for the essential high quality imagery they needed, and building the website based on information provided.

Now, as well as having an online presence that will build awareness over time, the managers have the benefit of:

  • Café opening times, location and accessibility information available on the site, which will help to reduce enquiries and encourage more custom.
  • Complex booking information provided, helping the user to understand how to book the venue via Kings Park and what they can book directly with the café, again reducing the time spent giving out the same information repeatedly.
  • Images and menu giving clear information about the type of food available in the café, encouraging more customers to give Biara Cafe a try.
  • Reassurance regarding the safety of the play areas around the café, encouraging more families to regard the café as a must-visit.
  • An easy way to post announcements that can be shared to their Facebook page – encouraging Facebook followers back to the website.

Will all this happening on their website, Biara’s managers can focus their time on running the cafe with fewer operational enquiries to deal with, and the likelihood of a growing clientele.

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