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Effective Web Design for Tour Operators

Reading Time: 2 minutes
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When Michelle from Down Under Discoveries nature-based tour company came to OM4, she already knew how she wanted her website to look.

Clients who choose Custom Design get the full attention of an experienced web designer, and in Michelle’s case this proved to be essential to get the results she needed.

We begin with a Design Briefing meeting, and encourage the client to bring examples of websites and other visual references to help us understand what they’re aiming for. We spent time with Michelle running through her business objectives and the visual content she had available to our designer. She put in some valuable time getting hold of free, high quality images and videos from Tourism Western Australia and Tourism Australia, and ensured we had all the content required to start designing and building her new site.

Once we understood what Michelle was looking for, our designer went to work and created the concept designs. Thanks to the detailed briefing process, Michelle was delighted with the result and gave us the go-ahead to build the website.

Right through the build, our designer oversees the process to ensure everything is looking as it should. Importantly, design is always adapted for mobile devices too, which ensures the increasing number of people accessing websites on their phones and tablets have a consistent quality experience.

At the same time, our team worked on the website structure, tour information, booking process and other functionalities, such as newsletter sign-up, Instagram feed and chat facility. In addition, all our websites are optimised for search – a key focus of our attention.

The result is a website that feels good to browse! We know that if the user isn’t immediately engaged – sold on the experience and finding it easy to navigate – quality leads are likely to be lost. A visitor’s attention span is surprisingly short when browsing, so a website must quickly grab them with compelling visuals and clear information. The beauty of design is this immediate engagement, the pleasure of browsing a good-looking website and the increased chance of converting a lead to a sale.

The Down Under Discoveries website went live this week. We believe it will help Michelle’s business to grow. Have a look for yourself!