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Have you thought about adding gift vouchers to your Store?

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Luxury gift voucher with golden ribbons and bowWhen to Offer Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers can be a lifesaver for customers needing a gift, and not confident of the best selection to make. You know the deal, your customer buys a voucher for a pre-selected amount and the recipient spends it at a later date.

What you may not know is that gift vouchers can now offer much more than an easy product option for customers.

When you choose the gift voucher add-on from WooCommerce you open a world of promotional and marketing possibilities for your store.

Create gift vouchers for particular products, or product bundles, that you want to promote.

Seasonal Gift Campaigns

The Chocolate Factory at Margaret River did just that with a seasonal campaign for Easter. They bundled three themed Easter ‘kits’. Shoppers bought a voucher for the kit of choice; added a personal message and then a beautifully designed PDF version of the voucher was emailed to the lucky recipient, or printed and given in person. You can take a closer look at the Chocolate Factory’s approach here.

When the recipient was ready to use their voucher, they could choose the product bundle nominated, or put the value of the voucher towards another product.

Warramunda Estate Wines have two brands and offer a choice of voucher designs depending on which wine brand you love. You can see Warramunda Estate’s approach here.

A Chance For Loyal Customers To Share

Loyal customers enjoy sharing your products with their networks, and gift vouchers offer a focused opportunity to introduce your business to friends.

This year particularly customers have bought gift vouchers to support their favourite businesses during difficult shutdown periods.

Gift Vouchers used by Interstate and International Customers

Online gift giving has always been convenient for interstate and international customers, and now we see that convenience appreciated by local customers who may feel more reluctant to enter crowded places like shopping centres.

Getting Started with Your Own Gift Voucher Campaign

Gift vouchers work for a wide range of products. Here’s one way to promote your business:

  • Pick an event that is relevant to you
  • Create a product or bundle of products that will appeal to your customers
  • Promote the event gift voucher through your client email, client newsletter, Google Ads and social media