2014 Update: we now use WooCommerce for new websites.

We’re currently working on adding support for the WP e-Commerce shopping cart for OM4 sites.

This shopping cart has more features than our Quickshop shopping cart option. Some of the additional features include:

  • inventory checking, so you can sell products with limited quantities
  • downloadable products, so you can sell an eBook or audio file and allow download after payment
  • Australia Post shipping integration, so your shipping pricing can be linked to Australia Post

We’re aiming to support this on both WordPress MU and WordPress standalone sites. We’ll start with the core plugin, and perhaps later on add support for the Gold pack.

Because there are many different configuration options, if you want to use this plugin you’ll need to get familiar with the WP e-Commerce documentation, maybe purchase of a copy of the Bible, and be prepared to ask questions in the WP e-Commerce forums. Our main focus is going to be making sure you can simply activate the plugin on your OM4 site and start using it.