Overall we find that designers have a very strong appetite for being able to control the layout of header (masthead) region of each website.

For one of our current projects James has implemented a new Custom Text Box for the header, which allows the precise placement of – well, just about anything into the header.

The custom text box can include text, images and shortcodes, so this might include:

  • a set of custom navigation links – perhaps About or Sign Up
  • a search form
  • a clickable image
  • an image rotator set

So you get the idea, it can serve a lot of different purposes.


Don’t forget that in the header you can already:

  • display a core header image or a custom header image for the current page
  • display a custom menu or a rollover menu (drawing on your pages/sub pages for navigation items)
  • display an Action Button (a clickable image link, useful for a primar call to action)
  • and using CSS with absolute positioning, you can also place an image, rotator set or Flash file into the header, from the body of your page or the sidebar.

So all in, a significant increase in configurability to achieve a precise effect.