Interview with Hayley Clarke – Onya Life

The Onya Life have been OM4 clients for 6 years and two websites. Both websites run on WordPress & WooCommerce with Stripe for payments and table rate shipping for Australian and international orders. The website has realtime integration with Trade Gecko for inventory management.

What is OM4’s point of difference?

OM4 are passionate about what they do.

Our very first meeting really blew us away. We came out of that meeting going, “Wow! Those guys are fantastic. We didn’t get the hard sales line, they made us feel very special and what we were doing was worthy, and they were excited about our product.

That made the world of difference, that’s what I look for when I’m working as a sales person. I always try to garner great rapport with my client. There is a natural affinity with people. It’s all about, “What’s in it for you? This is what you’ve got and it’s amazing! We could do this and that!”.

How did the project work out?

At our planning meeting everything was laid out.  It made sense and it went relatively seamlessly, everyone did their jobs at the allotted times, and we now have a beautiful web site.

What did you most like about working with OM4?

Everyone has been incredibly generous with their time. I could call and people would have time to talk to me. There’s some really tough stuff that I know I’ve thrown their way and they’ve never once gone, “We can’t do it.” They’ve always tried to find a way around and solve the problem.

Sounds like the process went beyond just the building of a web site, there was a lot more thinking about the business?

Oh, for sure! I feel that OM4 has been our partner in this, rather than just someone that we’ve paid to make a web site. I don’t know that that’s the same with everyone, I can only speak from my experience, but I’ve really felt that OM4 has supported us to achieve our dream, to create a whole new web site with better conversions.

OM4 were very much open to learning as much as we were, I have loved the whole experience.

I guess that answers the other question of would you recommend them?

Yes, highly, I have recommended OM4 to a number of different people now, if they’re looking for someone.