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Interview with Matthew Oliver

Matthew Oliver is the Commercialisation Manager for PumpEng, an innovative design and manufacturer of tough submersible dewatering pumps for mining and construction. During the last two years, Matt has led a period of rapid business transformation and repositioning. In this interview, he discusses what it’s like to work with OM4 as a digital marketing partner.


What is your history with OM4?

OM4 has been a valued resource for PumpEng in the areas of web, marketing and graphic design for several years now. I’ve come on board as a specialist in the sales and marketing space.  I’ve worked closely with OM4 over the last two years. When it comes to graphics and websites, I know what it needs to look like, but I’m not across the mechanics of how to make it happen. Having a resource I can rely on to help me get it there is a major benefit.

Could you describe the type of work you’ve been doing?

We’ve been on a transformation journey as a business. There’s been a shift away from a price and availability product-driven focus to repositioning us as a productivity consulting partner, particularly for the mining industry. We reset a lot of our core values and assembled a team of industry specialists who can deliver on that promise. There was a lot of work to align our website and our digital presence with those internal changes. We needed to refresh branding, images, website messages as well as our advertising.

What do you value in working with OM4?

The flexibility and the follow-up are both things I value. I appreciate the OM4 team ensuring that we keep things on track. Marketing is not the only job that I do. I wear four or five hats. I appreciate being able to tap into all the skills the team has to offer. I like how the team adjusts to the ebb and flow of my availability and the deadlines I need to meet. It’s also helpful to me that the team understands the key company messages and work with me to achieve consistency in how our brand is presented. They’ve done a lot of work in helping me refine how the company presents its value proposition.

What do you think you’ve been able to achieve since you’ve been working with OM4?

I think we’ve been able to achieve a lot of clarity. This is going to set us up for the future. It’s really been a solid transition over the last 12 to 18 months, and we’re still moving through that. The OM4 team has worked with us to update and refresh our assets along the way.

I enjoy the strong sense of organisation around our marketing tasks. The OM4 team has always got things done when I need it. If there’s ever urgent stuff, they nail it for me, which is great support.  If I had to nominate the best part for me, it would be a feeling of support that swings into action to deal with the unexpected.

We have a remarkable product performance story to tell. OM4 has captured those client testimonial interviews for us to share. I can confidently introduce them to my most valuable clients. These site performance interviews have helped us build a strong reputation in the industry as a company that does things differently and achieves amazing results.

Would you recommend us as a digital partner, and what would be your main reason?

Yes, definitely. I know I can rely on my OM4 people. Their expertise, knowledge and spread of skill sets combine to make a great package. The team all work well together and keep everything moving. It’s refreshing. The benefit of working with a stable team is that they’ve developed a depth of product knowledge over time. This creates a sense of ease for me. The team understands the products and the messages so we can save a lot of time. I sometimes shoot off emails when I get new ideas. I know they understand what to do with those ideas. In that way, I treat them as being an extension of my own staff.

I like seeing some of the stuff that designer Mike comes up with. I’ll throw a few ideas out there, and Mike turns it into something that is polished and professional. This helps me keep up the momentum of rolling out change.

I enjoy meeting with OM4. We get a lot done, and I always come away feeling clear and in control about the marketing side of things. The meetings are a chance to put all my ideas and plans down and know that from that point, they’ll be part of the systematic process of follow up. The team goes to great lengths to check in to ensure that they are aligning with my priorities. They listen and make my delivery goals their own.

What would you tell someone who’s considering working with us in an ongoing partnership like the one that we have with PumpEng?

Maybe you have a growth story to tell, or maybe you are just looking for more professionalism. I think that you have to know what you need first. Once you know that, the team can offer you direction on the best ways to achieve your goal. They know the best practice, industry standards, and you can tap into that knowledge and experience. If you’ve identified a gap in that digital marketing space, then OM4 can fill that for you, and they’ll make that a rewarding journey.

Are there any unexpected benefits for you in working with us?

It’s the ability to get onto other parts of my job. For me, all the elements are important, but it’s easier to address other areas of the business because I can trust that the digital marketing base is covered. It’s good to be able to feel in control and have that extra level of support there when it’s needed.