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Interview with Ken Rasmussen

Professional, contemporary artist Ken Rasmussen talks about how OM4 contributes to the highly successful marketing of his art.


How do you describe your business?

I am a professional Perth based contemporary artist who sells paintings through an online gallery, a home studio gallery in Fremantle, several commercial galleries and my own exhibitions. My work is focused on the reimagining of familiar places around Perth and down south.

What does OM4 do for you?

They bring me into the 21st century. They have the tools that have enabled my studio gallery to operate as a modern online business. They let me focus on what I love to do and what I’m good at doing. It has been a revelation for me to learn so much and feel so supported.

What was your business like before you started working with OM4?

My business model was to have my paintings in a range of galleries across different areas in Western Australia. All of the many artists in each of those galleries know that those galleries are often struggling with the presssures of maintaining a physical presence. As the number of galleries was reducing I approached the good people at OM4 for advice. They became my marketing partners.

What have you achieved since you started working with OM4?

I am now in the top 1% of Australian artists who are commercially successful. I’ve achieved greater confidence and commercial success, I’ve found a marketing team I really enjoy working with. They update my website, assist with blog posts, newsletters, titles and descriptive paragraphs, social media, exhibitions, banners and sometimes media. I’m selling more paintings at higher prices. There is stronger demand from commercial galleries.

There is an indefinable magic that OM4 bring through the internet. The paintings have a better web presence. We work together on the painting names and descriptions, and this brings an extra layer of meaning. The writing brings my paintings to life. My work becomes more accessible through the magic spell of words. People find the artwork on social media. They visit the website and see the paintings. They enquire and come to my studio to see the work.

What makes you happiest about working with OM4?

First of all, OM4 are remarkably good people. Unbelievable. It is not just in the product they sell, but the way they manage their business. They are respectful honest operators and I really enjoy working with them. They’ve made everything easy for me and I’m very grateful to have partnered with them over the last few years. It has been a game changer for my business and wonderful for me personally.

This partnership has energised me and freed me from things that were dragging me down. To me, it actually feels like youth.

If someone is thinking of partnering with OM4 what can they expect?

OM4 will bring an extra dimension to your business.  They will take you to the next level. So many of us are focused on our own business and we get very close to it. By working with OM4, you get the extra dimension of someone looking over what you are trying to achieve, and proposing new ideas. They are knowledgeable and their advice is based on experience with a broad range of online businesses. OM4 can take you on the journey of experimentation. You have to try things and work things through. OM4 will be a partner who will extend your thinking about what’s possible.