Following up on my last post on keywords, once you understand what keywords are most important for your business, then comes the question of how to make use of them.

Having a search engine friendly website is vital, because if you don’t, all your hard work won’t help if you can’t even get indexed. But assuming you have a search engine friendly website, and know your keywords, what do you do with that knowledge?

I’ve written a set of articles in our How To section that talk about on-page and off-page search engine optimization.

A detailed – and pretty technical – article from the Keyword Discovery manual is also useful: Implementing Keywords into a Website. If you are using one of our sites, make sure you read the How To articles first, as we have made it easy to access the tags mentioned in the KD article from your Dashboard – no programming required.

We use Wordtracker a lot because our clients can keep on using the free keyword discovery tool themselves even if they don’t have a full subscription. Keyword Discovery costs more, and doesn’t have a free version. As their free trial is heavily neutered, it isn’t easy to get a flavour for it.