One of the difficulties with operating your own website is ensuring that it looks consistent across all the popular web browsers.

For example, your website may look and behave correctly in a recent web browser such as Internet Explorer 7 or Firefox 3, but it may not look quite right in older browsers such as Internet Explorer 6.

We are always on the lookout for cross browser compatibility issues, and apply fixes to our style sheet when necessary. For example, today I noticed a situation where floating columns don’t look the same on IE6, so I have made a slight change to the OM4 theme in order to fix the problem.

According to W3Schools, Internet Explorer 6 is still being used by 26.5% of internet users, so it is important that your website displays correctly in a variety of different web browsers.

Invalid HTML code is another common cause of browser incompatability. You can check your website contains valid HTML code using the W3c’s Markup Validation Service. For OM4 website owners, you can validate a page on your website by clicking the Validate link in the footer of your website.

A great way for you to see how your website looks in multiple web browsers is to use If you notice that your web site looks strange in one or more browsers, feel free to contact support and we’ll try and help you out.