Search Marketing

Search marketing – or search engine marketing – looks at paid and organic search traffic and how to generate it and use it effectively.

Paying Attention to Google


Ok, for anyone involved in the web, it is hard not to pay attention to Google. But humour me for a moment. With all the noise generated by the antitrust brouha, Google+ and the like, [...]

Small Business Websites and SEO


This post provides an excellent summary of what is required for a small business website: SEO Checklist for Local Small Business Websites If you've been thinking SEO is arcane and complex, the emphasis on simple [...]

What makes a website more credible


I really like Gary Robinson's post: 5 ways to make your site credible and increase conversions I'd add to Gary's five points that people are wired to trust other people. So personalising a website can [...]

Coming Soon – Google Instant


Coming soon to your Google search experience: Google Instant. There is a good left brain video explanation of Google Instant in the link to Google above. If you prefer the right brain version, run the [...]

How Google Search works


Aaron Wall is an expert on search. And Google. If you want to understand how Google search works, go through this diagram in detail. This is the introductory post on Aaron's blog: How Does [...]

Twitter vs Google for business websites


When it comes to sending traffic to business websites, Google is the 800lb gorilla. A recent chart post from eMarketer looks at the loyalty of visitors from social media sites: Loyal visitors but small share [...]

How Search Engines See Links


If you are putting some effort into building up the number of links to your website, you may be interested to learn more about how search engines see links. Not all links are created equally. [...]

Writing titles for AdWords advertisements


When you are running an AdWords campaign you get to display a short ad that is triggered when specific keywords are searched. The amount you bid and the Quality Score assigned to your ad determine [...]

Bing off to a good start


I haven't been paying much attention to Bing, Microsoft's new entrant in the search engine race. After all, taking on Google in search ... But a curious thing has been happening. I get to [...]

Never Mind the Luxury, Feel the Quality


It seems that in the current economic climate you are better off selling exceptional quality rather than luxury. That is the message from Johnathan Fields over on the Small Business Trends website in his post [...]