Google Apps

Using Google Apps Mail, Calendar & Contacts on iMac, iPad and iPhone

Keeping mail, address book and calendar up to date across different computers can be surprisingly difficult. Once you have a desktop at work, a laptop for out and about as well as a tablet and phone, well, it just gets complicated. I'm a long time Mac user, have paid my MobileMe dues and tried all [...]

Google Mail and the new Priority Inbox

Ok, this feature is good. I've always preferred using the Gmail webmail interface, it just makes everything so much easier. Now Google has added a smart Priority Inbox that lifts separates important and starred emails out of your general inbox. It is easy to swtich on and use, and it works really well. Just like [...]

Is this the end of Google Wave?

Mid last year Google Wave was unveiled to the world, causing a lot of hype and discussion in Australia for several reasons: it was developed by a talented team of Sydney-based Google developers. Google Wave was a unique concept that pushed the envelope in terms of web application features. it was positioned as [...]

Google Apps / Gmail: Fixing the "Invalid Credentials" message using Unlock CAPTCHA

Every now and then one of our clients using Google Apps comes to us saying that their email client (eg. Outlook, Apple Mail, iPhone, etc) won't accept their email username and password. Common error messages are: invalid credentials' 'web login required' The first thing to check is that you're using the correct username. For Google [...]

Using Images in your GoogleMail Signature

Well it has taken a while but finally Google Mail / Gmail includes support for images in their signature files. I've always liked simple text for signatures in email, but after setting it up in my own account to see how it looked, I have to say I like it a lot more. To use [...]

Google Apps calendar and contacts sync available for iPhone, Windows Mobile and more

Update May 2010: Google Sync now supports push email, not just calendar and contacts. More info We have previously recommended Google Apps as a great solution for your business email needs. Google Apps works great while you're in the office, but what about when you're on the road? For years it's been possible to access [...]