This is a quick post for those interested in hosting WordPress websites.

For some time we’ve been using Amazon S3 for storage and Cloudfront as a content distribution network. This lets us use bulk storage and only pay for what we use.

We use Linux servers for Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP and WordPress. Probably like many folk who have a lot to do with hosting WordPress websites, we’ve been considering at some point utilising Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) service as our server. Amazon EC2 allows you to create a virtual server that you can add resources to dynamically – so if your workload grows and you need more memory, you just add it to your server. This is a lot easier than having to shift from one physical server to another.

Amazon AWS have recently announced a new programme that is probably going to speed up the adoption of EC2: Servers for Nothing and Bits for Free

While it has never been expensive to set up and run an EC2 instance, this programme looks like it will be hugely popular. They are offering developers free use of the platform to test it all out. Cool.

I’ve been really impressed with Amazon AWS and the services they offer. I think a lot of people still see Amazon as just an online book store (if a pretty big one). But as technology companies go, Amazon is one of the best.