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Ethical, Trusted SEO Delivered By An Experienced Team

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is what brings visitors on your website, and not to a competitors' site.

OM4 are experts in organic search engine optimisation and local search.

Hire us to work on SEO with you.

We’ll develop a strategy with you and roll it out. If you wish, we can educate you in what we do and how to do it – and you can take over when you are ready.

“They’ve got a lot of knowledge and experience behind them. They ‘re not just focused on one model, so they’re adaptable and they’re not afraid to take on something new. They are there for you and they make it easy and pretty much pain-free.”

4 Dots

SEO packages from 10 hours per month.

What You Can Expect

Face to face personal service from a senior specialist.

We limit our SEO clients to ensure we focus on your business.

All our work is done by us in-house. No outsourcing.

We share tools and knowledge because we care about transparency.

Ethics are important to us. We use quality industry standards, no corner cutting.

Find Words That Work

Keyword Research – Find out where your customers are looking and the words they use when they look for businesses like yours.

Get Market Intel

Competitor Analysis – What are your competitors doing well? Where are they winning? Where are their weaknesses? Where are the opportunities for your business? We help you look under the bonnet to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and those in your marketplace.

Make More Sales

Landing Page Design – Is it easy for customers to do business with you?
Convert prospects through well designed landing pages.
Test your conversion strategies using conversion optimisation tools.

Make Friends With Google

Website Optimisation – Google decides your positioning in an online search. When you optimise your website you help Google understand what your selling.

Boost Your Local Profile

Google My Business – Build a strong local profile to make sure your customers can easily find out about your business. Share a map, opening hours and recent online reviews with your locals.

Find More Customers

Search Engine Optimisation –  Use these powerful tools to engage new customers and bring traffic to your website over the long term.

Showcase Your Knowledge

Content Marketing – You’re an expert in your business. Does your web content make that clear to your customers?
Use your content to show your customers you understand them and their problems.
It’s also how you show Google that you have authority. When people spend time on your website, you attract readers, followers and customers.

Show Google Your Authority

Link Building – When other credible sites link to your website, Google sees you as a trusted source of information. That improves your ranking. Some credible links can be purchased. Most are earned by creating web content that visitors feel compelled to share.

Content SEO​

Engage with customers:

Great content helps Google find your business.

Create pages that demonstrate your authority and are important and useful enough for Google to pay attention.

Putting words together for your own website sounds like a piece of cake. Yet many clients find it a challenge. We make creating website copy very easy with an interview-driven process.

The benefit of using interviews is that we can capture your natural language and use that to make your website copy sound friendly and conversational. It will ring true and reflect you.

Publish quality content that helps you rank strategically and build authority with Google.

Actively boost your valuable search traffic with new content.

  • Content Publishing
  • Authority Articles
  • Republishing

Find the keywords your competitors rank with and develop new ideas for your own business.

  • Keyword Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Link Research

Optimise your website to make more sales.

  • Conversion Rate Optimisation

Technical SEO Health

Super charge your website:

Address technical issues that hold back your rankings.

On one level technical SEO can be very simple – just follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. But once you delve into these guidelines, technical complexities rapidly become apparent. Take the Guidelines seriously and you’ll find compliance requires significant technical skill.

Know your Google search rankings and technical site audit scores.

We boost on-page factors to improve search rankings.

  • Site technical optimisation
  • Internal linking & broken links
  • On-page optimisation

We run multiple site audits to detect and rectify technical optimisation issues that typically hold ranking back.

  • Google search console
  • Plugin updates
  • Rankings report
  • Site Audit report

“The benefit of working with a stable team is that they’ve developed a depth of product knowledge over time. This creates a sense of ease for me. The team understands the products and the messages so we can save a lot of time … I treat them as being an extension of my own staff.”