Software Updates

Your WordPress website requires regular software updates. WP Engine is your website host and is responsible for applying all core WordPress updates (and PHP updates if applicable). You are responsible for all other updates, including plugins and themes.

No matter who performs a software update, it is important that you test the functions of your website immediately after an update. This includes the performance of forms and online bookings or sales.

When it's time to update your website it's recommended that you create a Staging site (a complete copy of your Live website) so you can try out new plugins or test updates before they run on your Live site.

When your website was built usually determines whether it uses Legacy (1-Click) Staging or the Staging Environment. The points below are a summary and apply to both staging types.

Unsure about which staging format your website uses? Just contact OM4 for help using

  • Updating a Staging site: Create a Staging copy of your website to experiment with new plugins, or test the impact of software updates. You can apply updates to your Staging site without affecting your Live website.
  • Test after Staging site updates: Always test the functions of your website after you apply any changes in the Staging site. This includes important pages and interactive aspects of your website, like forms and online sales. If you are happy that your Staging website is operating as expected, it's time to take the next steps to apply the same changes to your Live website.
  • Backup Points: Just before making major changes or updates to your Live website always create a Backup point using Dashboard, WP Engine, User Portal (or just login to If you experience any unexpected surprises when updating your Live site, you can always restore to this latest backup point if needed.
  • Updating the Live site: Now login to Dashboard, Updates in your live website and perform the same steps that you trialled in the Staging site.
  • Clear Caches: After updating your live site it is important that you clear all caches. To do this, go to Dashboard, WP Engine, Purge All Caches. If your site uses Page Builder, go to Dashboard, Settings, Page Builder, Tools, Clear Cache. If your site uses WP Rocket, go to Dashboard, Settings, WP Rocket Tools, Clear Cache.
  • Test after Live site updates: After making changes to your Live site (such as updating WordPress, plugins or your theme) check your Live site still operates normally. Particularly focus on your important website functions such as enquiry forms, online sales or service/product pages.
  • WooCommerce: If your site uses WooCommerce, there are extra instructions about the order in which your plugin updates are to be completed.

Use these text links to take you to more more detailed step-by-step instructions and a video demonstration of how to use complete your updates using Legacy (1-Click) Staging and the Staging Environment.