Over the last few months OM4 has deployed a number of WordPress websites that make use of jQuery Masonry . Masonry lets you implement tiles that reshuffle when the available space changes.

Here are some websites that integrate Masonry:

All of these sites respond to resizing the browser window. 361 Degrees also has some ‘expander tiles’ – click them to expand the tile, and the other tiles reshuffle to fit.

The Scene Team and Biznaga Travel both implement a new Masonry style of image gallery:

The Masonry project got a major boost in populartity when Pinterest launched.

The first site we developed in this fashion was the oZAPP Awards site, inspired by Blenderbox.com and Yr.com. The new site was conceptualised by OM4 and 32 Degrees South Group (32dsg.com) and designed by Lindal Mackie.

For each of the other projects we have collaborated with a different graphic designer – they have prepared the design and we have built it: Brendan Hibbert for The Scene Team, Cally Browning of Bare Creative for Biznaga Travel, and Iannello Design for 361 Degrees.

Working with Masonry style sites creates an interesting new way of interacting with sites. Pinterest has shown that people are capable of scanning a page quickly, and scrolling to follow their interest.