We have recently updated the OM4 platform to include the latest WordPress (3.1) features, bug fixes and improvements.

There are quite a few improvements, including:

  • Internal Linking, which makes it much easier to create a link to your existing posts and pages. See screenshot below.
  • Admin Bar, which means you’re only ever one click away from the most common Dashboard features.
  • Simplified Writing Interface, with the post and page editor now display fewer options (metaboxes) by default. Visit Screen Options in the top right to get old panels back.
  • Sortable Dashboard List Screens, making it easier to find information in your Dashboard.
  • Improved Importer/Exporter, which allows you to export just post or pages (instead of everything), as well as only exporting certain date ranges, categories, authors, statuses, and more.
  • Internet Explorer 9 Compatibility – the Visual Editor should now work as expected with IE9.
  • and many more

The full list of over 800 new features, bug fixes and improvements can be found here.

We hope these improvements make administering and using your OM4 website a much more enjoyable task.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or post your question on our support desk.