Warramunda Estate & Liv Zak Wines

Warramunda Estate & Liv Zak Wines

Wine Club Sign Up

Warramunda Estate is a family run winery that produces wines which truly reflect the natural expression of the site and provenance of Coldstream in the Yarra Valley.

The new website introduced a simple 4 step Wine Club sign up to allow the secure capture of credit cards for ongoing orders.

Every page features a visual mini-cart to allow visitors to continue shopping and checkout when ready.

Mini Check Out
Liv Zak Wine Store

Warramunda Estate has an exciting sub-brand Liv Zak. As part of the new site, Liv Zak received it's own custom branded shop inside the main site. This allows visitors to purchase both brands using the same checkout.

To warmly welcome international visitors, an alternative language page was created. To further assist with online orders, a custom order form is available with dynamic international pricing.

International Page
Full Screen Menu

To keep the menu simple, three menu items are available at all times. When more information is required, a full-screen menu assists users with a detailed list of all pages.