Onya Life

Onya Life


If you want to do your bit to save the planet you're going to love Onya. They make reusable shopping bags and drink bottles. Even better, they make them sexy must-have items. Christmas gifts, birthdays and surprises all made easy for you with this store. Don't visit these guys without your credit card handy!

Onya have great branding and a stunning product range.  Their online store needed to be just as attractive. It had to be easy to use and stylish. It had to be responsive so they could offer customers upsells like carry cases and lids. They wanted to engage customers with special offers through an opt-in mailing list. Onya wanted to delight their customers and they've nailed it.

Onya 2

OM4 helped Onya choose and integrate innovative solutions for their payments, inventory management and shipping to streamline their order processing and marketing. We helped them launch their branded social media and a client newsletter.

We recently interviewed Hayley about her experience working with OM4.