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Content Development, Branding & Website

OM4 worked with operational leadership expert Bob Hunter to launch a website for his consulting business. A new name was created that was memorable and defined the core business.  The team worked closely with Bob to create a website that was distinctly different. It needed to highlight his high-level business experience as well as referencing his outstanding military career.

LeaderOps Features - Professional Photos

All consulting websites need powerful images that engage the attention of the visitor. These images play a critical first impression role. The LeaderOps site features photos from a photoshoot by Robert Frith from Acorn Photo.
LeaderOps Features - Custom Diagrams
To visually represent Bob’s approach, diagrams were created for the site and social platforms. They are powerful and simple and lend a strong energy to the business presentation.
LeaderOps Features - Custom Icons
To help visitors navigate the site and understand Bob’s services, custom icons were created for his KeynotesWorkshops and Coaching service.
Other Recent Work
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