Forum Advocating Cultural & Eco Tourism Inc.

FACET Features: Design

Visual Overhaul 

An all-new visual approach was created to embrace the new brand and maximise the incredible photography.

Modern Membership Signup

A custom sign up process was built to give the user a simple experience. Behind the scenes, FACET benefits from the connection to PayPal, HubSpot & Xero.

FACET Features: Memebership
FACET Features: Events

Events Centre

By integrating WordPress and Eventbrite, FACET have a central place for all upcoming and past events. 

Promoting Award Winners

A dedicated place was created to highlight the amazing people who win the Pat Barablett Medal, Golden Guide Award, FACET Tourism Operator Award and FACET Student Award. Visitors can sort by type of award and/or year.

FACET Features: Awards