dropboxWe’ve been using DropBox for shared folders for a while now. This is a simple and very effective service.

It works like this:

  • sign up for DropBox (a 2Gb account is free) – if you refer others (as I am doing with my referral link above) you can get your free allocation up to 3Gb
  • your DropBox folder is created on your Mac/Windows computer
  • drop folders / files you want to share into your DropBox
  • invite people to share one or more of your folders
  • once they have accepted the invite, the contents of your DropBox folders appear on their Mac/Windows computer as well. Change a file on either side and it syncs to the other. 

You can have a team of people sharing a folder.

Very simple, very effective and reliable. 2Gb of shared folders is free, after that you can upgrade to 50Gb for $9.99 USD/mth

The DropBox service is built on the Amazon S3 platform. I expect to see a lot more of this kind of service, as Amazon have done a great job with their infrastructure services.