Your OM4 website enables you to sell products and services online.

Fast and exceptionally simple to navigate, your online store lets you sell:

  • Products and Services
  • Subscriptions
  • Donations


Add to Cart buttons integrate directly within web pages or blog posts. This allows you to include product descriptions and images in a natural way within your website. For example, you could display a product in its own page alongside other related products, and then feature it in a blog post with an Add to Cart button embedded right in the blog post.

Product Images with Add To Cart

To keep things simple for your visitor, as soon as they add a product to their shopping cart, a Shopping Cart widget appears at the top of your sidebar – it looks like this:
Shopping Cart in OM4 Website

Visitors aren’t taken away from the page they are on, they can just keep on reading (and adding more products to their cart if they want).

Subscriptions and Donations

You can embed Subscribe buttons that setup period payments for a defined number of payments. For example, 4 monthly payments of $200.

This may be useful for you if you are a service provider and usually sell your services on the basis of a 50% deposit followed by a 50% balance. If your service takes a few weeks to deliver, you can setup a subscription service for 2 monthly payments, which means the second payment happens automatically after your service is complete.

Donate ButtonYou can also embed Donate buttons that setup one off donation payments for a specified purpose.

If your business is a not for profit, a selection of Donation buttons is an excellent way to allow people to reward you for your contribution, or to collect money for a specific purpose.

Do it Yourself or Custom Setup

Set up your online store yourself following our instructions. Or fill out a product information spreadsheet and get us to set up your store for you. Once your store is up and running, you can easily add new products and edit existing products.

Either way you will be able to sell products and services online and receive payments to your PayPal account.

Do it Yourself 

Set up your Online Store following our instructions.


  • Set up your PayPal business account (we never have access to this)
  • Configure your Online Store to use your PayPal account
  • Add products to your Online Store using quick tags.
Custom setup 

OM4 sets up your online store for you, for a fixed fee.


  • set up your PayPal business account (we never have access to this)
  • complete our Product Data Spreadsheet with a line item for each product you want to sell online
  • prepare a zip file or files (each file up to 20Mb) with product images (matching the image file names in the spreadsheet) and send the images to artwork at .


  • create Product Pages for your products (up to 20 products across 3 pages for our standard service)
  • create the product listings with the product information and images provided
  • create a PayPal Add to Cart button for each product
  • configure your Online Shop to integrate with your PayPal account
  • show the shopping cart in the sidebar with a Checkout button
  • test the store
  • provide you instructions on how to easily update product pages and add new products to your Online Store

Using PayPal

To use an Online Shop on your OM4 website, you need to setup a free PayPal business account.

When you receive payments you are charged a fee by PayPal. At the time of writing, this was 30c plus 2.4% of the sale value (sales in your country) or 3.4% (cross border sales) – check the PayPal website for full details.

What you need to do

The ability to run an online store within your OM4 site is included in your standard hosting and administration plan. Instructions on how to set one up yourself are here: Online Store Setup

If you would like us to setup your products and create your online store for you, we can do this for a fixed setup fee. The fee will depend on how many products and categories you require.

To get your Online Store up and running, we require all data (in a single spreadsheet) and all images (on a single disk or in a single zip file) before we start work. For an online store with more products, please request a quote. Our standard Terms and Conditions apply to this service.

To get us to add an Online Store to your website, please get in touch with your requirements.

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