When visitors come to your website, it is good to allow them to choose (opt in) to leave their email to subscribe to your newsletter or to receive special offers.

Once you have an opt-in email database you can run permission based Email Marketing campaigns. If you want to learn more about email marketing and how to use an autoresponder, you can read all about it from Sonia Simone on her own website or in a guest post on CopyBlogger.

Your OM4 website will integrate with Campaign Monitor, which supports verified opt-in email marketing, in compliance with US and Australian anti-spam legislation.

A Campaign Monitor account doesn’t have a monthly fee, but instead charges according to what you send.

OM4 will:

  • set up your email marketing account
  • create an Offers or Newsletter list with a custom design that matches your website design
  • establish a Sign Up facility in your website sidebar
  • help you import your existing subscribers

We will also educate you in how to:

  • invite people onto your list
  • create your own mail-outs (including HTML formatting and images, if you choose)
  • track the number of readers receiving and opening the emails, and how many click on internal links back to your site.

With your first Email Marketing Campaign established, you are subsequently able to create additional email lists with their own email subscription forms on your site, at no additional cost. Alternatively you may engage us to setup additional lists and campaigns for you.

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