Transactional Email Sending


Does your website send important emails (such as new order notifications, contact form enquiry notifications, or customer password reset emails)?

Would your business be negatively affected if those important emails weren't being received correctly?

If so, it makes sense to use a dedicated transactional email sending provider.

For important email notifications (such as “new order” notifications and contact form enquiries), it may be worth using a dedicated email sending service such as Postmark or Campaign Monitor.

Transactional email providers help send and deliver your important emails with more reliability than a generic email sending service, allowing you to monitor important factors such as delivery rates and email reputation of your domain.

OM4 will configure your website to send all outgoing emails using your Postmark account. DNS authentication will also be configured on your behalf.

Once set up, you will have access to Postmark's reliable email sending.

Postmark also gives you a web-based control panel for seeing the status of all outgoing emails, including seeing what has been sent successfully vs what has bounced.

This article provides more information: Transactional Email Deliverability


Requires your own Postmark account - $10 USD/mth for up to 10,000 emails/mth