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Home Page Workshop

Make a small investment, with a potentially huge pay-off.

Get to know OM4, and decide if we’re a good fit for your business.

Spend two hours with our lead copywriter and walk away with a fresh, compelling Home page.

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Responsive Graphic Mindful In Nature
Mindful In Nature
Responsive Graphic FACET
Forum Advocating Cultural & Eco Tourism Inc
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Aero Hire Air Charter
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Ziyarah Tours
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Simply Soils
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Composite Warehouse

Workshop Description

This 2 hour workshop helps identify and polish the hierarchy of messages for your website Home page. The process transforms a passive page into a highly focused sales tool that customers relate to.

We make the process of creating compelling website copy easy with this lively workshop.

We can capture your natural language and use that to make your website copy sound friendly and conversational. It will ring true to you, and is more likely to attract customers who are a good match for your business.

Who Should Be Involved?

We like to work with your most experienced sales or customer service person/people.

They hear the words and phrases your customers routinely use when interacting with your business. Expect your salespeople have their finger on the pulse of customer concerns and priorities.