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Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising by an Accredited Team

We do paid Google, Facebook and Instagram ads.

Paid online ads are a great way to find prospective customers and send them to your website.

The biggest challenge is to cut the confusion from information overload.

We work for you, not Google or Facebook or Instagram.

It matters that you have someone in your corner.

We pay attention to the details and run your ad campaigns to benefit your business.

“The work that OM4 has done has narrowed down the marketing effort to customers who are a good match for our business … our accountant can’t believe where we’re going. It’s like full steam ahead.”

4 Dots

Packages start at 10 hours per month.

What You Can Expect

  • Face to face personal service from a qualified specialist.
  • We limit our Ads clients to ensure we focus on your business.
  • All our work is done by us in-house. No outsourcing.
  • We share tools and knowledge because we care about transparency.
  • Ethics are important to us. We use quality industry standards, no corner cutting.

Find More Customers

Keyword Research – Use powerful tools and our expertise to engage new customers and identify opportunities to bring high value clients to you.

You’re an expert in your business. Let us focus on the ads results so you can focus on delivering to your customers.

Get Market Intel

Competitor Analysis – What are your competitors doing well? Where are they winning? Where are their weaknesses? Where are the opportunities for your business? We help you look under the bonnet to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and those in your marketplace.

Get More Sales

Chase Enquiries – Target customers who are the most valuable to you.

Connect with prospects who are eager to convert.

Make it easy to do business with you.

Test your conversion strategies using conversion optimisation tools.

Make Friends With Google

Improve Your Ad Scores – Google decides where your ads appear in an online search. When you optimise your website and your ads, you help Google understand what you’re selling.

Boost Your Local Profile

Geolocate – Aim for customers in your serviceable area, and build a strong local profile to make sure they can easily find out about your business.

“I do think that the OM4 team are really practical people. They focus on the best place to spend money, and particularly for small businesses, that’s important’

4 Dots

Managed Online Advertising

Boost awareness, leads and sales for your business.

Paid Ad Services

Google Ads
Google Shopping
Google Retargeted Ads (Display)
Facebook Advertising
Instagram Advertising
Linkedin Advertising

We research keywords to help get your ads to your preferred customers.

With your input, we develop an ad strategy and set up your ad campaigns.

Different combinations of advertising copy are tested to help find ads with strong appeal to your customers.

After clicking your ad your prospect sees your landing page. Good landing pages tell your story and help make the sale. We test out different landing page designs to make sure we hit the sweet spot for you and your customers.

Have changing priorities, a seasonal business or want to keep improving results for the long term? We continue to update your ads, finding further opportunities and adjusting to your needs.

We manage your ad spend to align to your budget. Where we see opportunities for you to save on costs or boost profits, we’ll make recommdations to you.

We’ll use tools like Google Analytics to measure performance. We prepare reports to discuss with you and help you understand costs, performance and outcomes.

“I also like how, if you work with OM4, you get to own everything yourself. All the licences you sign up for yourself. This really puts you in control.”