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Marvin Consulting Group

The success of organisational transformation comes from great people, strategic processes and a positive work culture.

Marvin are experts in helping businesses develop all three. They help you to recruit people who align with the culture of your business. They coach in devising systems that support team engagement. They steer your company toward growth and profitability by asking the tough questions at the right time.

OM4 met the Marvin Team at the beginning of our organisational transformation. Marvin guided us through our business restructure, new systems and the recruitment of new team members.

We were delighted when the Marvin Team came to us when the time came time for them to refresh their website.

The objective was to modernise the website’s look and update the content. This refresh was also an opportunity to rethink the presentation of services. The new website needed to reflect the professional standards and level of commitment Marvin offers all its clients.

Marvin are outstanding people, and we are very proud to create this website for them.

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