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Flatpacks with Character

The Character Group have relaunched their website OneCab.com.au with new branding called Flat Packs with Character.

The website gives builders and solo operators access to the latest technology, allowing them to order custom cabinetry to measure. This is then delivered in flat packs or pre-assembled.

The cabinetry components are of a higher quality than popular competitive flat-pack cabinet brands. The ability to order the specific measurements of the space facilitates a higher standard of resolution to the cabinet work than off-the-shelf sizes would allow.

A feature of the website is the integration of new custom software, delivering even greater accuracy and efficiency in delivering cabinet flatpacks in Perth. From a design perspective, the new logo colour palette was applied to the website giving it a polished resolution.

Flatpacks with Character allow sole traders to quote quickly and accurately and specify flatpack or pre-assembled delivered to the site or collected. It allows smaller operators to be competitive and deliver higher quality than big-name brands competing in the flatpack cabinet space. OM4 is proud to support this innovative, fast-growing Perth business.

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