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Artificial Eye Services

Paul and Jenny Geelen were the first clients of OM4 when they came on board 15 years ago. This sister and brother team were artificial eye makers operating out of a small clinic in West Perth. The Geelens started a conversation with the eye loss community through their blog posts. Over time, this eye-loss conversation turned global with a sister website, artificialeyes.net.

By gathering client stories, the Geelens helped people experiencing eye loss trauma feel less isolated. They could identify with others and feel more confident that they would be ok. The Geelens created infographics, published a book and arranged peer support training. They established international clinics and professional networks. Within a few years, Jenny and Paul were well-known internationally and regularly invited to join specialist medical teams travelling overseas.

This year, Paul Geelen approached us with plans to modernise their website. The clinic was moving to new premises, and Paul wanted to make it easy for people to find the new place. The building would be a significant feature of the new website design.

It was also essential that people could navigate the website from their mobile phones; we needed to feature maps and new video content. Client stories moved across to the collection on the international website. The original Geelen site, now artificialeyeservices.com.au, was simplified only to include the most essential and up-to-date information.

OM4 is proud to be associated with the Geelen family. Emily, Paul’s daughter and a third-generation ocularist, has joined Paul and Jenny. It is pleasing to see the world-class skill of these eye makers celebrated internationally, and we are thrilled to continue to present their services with this modern professional website.

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