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Considering upgrading your business website to WordPress?

If so, you might have a few questions about how it works,
and whether it will be suitable for you.

OM4 is a Perth based designer & builder of business websites using the WordPress Content Management System (CMS). We’ve put together this information to help you understand more about WordPress, and to provide you with answers to some of the questions that might arise when thinking about using WordPress for your own purposes.

Will I Be Able to Update My Own Website?

This is the big deal about WordPress. Of all the ‘big 3’ open source content management systems (WordPress, Drupal, Joomla), WordPress has the reputation being the easiest to use – for end users.

The simplicity of the WordPress dashboard and the way it makes it easy to update your own web pages, images, videos and blog posts has won over millions worldwide.


WordPress¬†powers over 19% of the world’s top million websites, over 50% of all websites with a CMS.

This popularity means it is a great option for a lot of businesses, as there is a constant stream of new research and development being made available to businesses in the form of new plugins, themes and services.

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Should I be using Joomla or Drupal instead of WordPress?

WordPress, Joomla and Drupal are all built using the same basic software – PHP and MySQL. They do have some different features, and in some specialist areas there are important differences. But for business websites, they are all very capable tools, and to suggest any of the ‘big 3’ open source content management systems aren’t suitable for business websites is nonsense.

At OM4, we chose WordPress many years ago, and have found it an amazing platform for business websites. If you are being told WordPress can’t do something, do a quick bit of research with WordPress developers who understand how to use it.

Is WordPress just for blogging?

WordPress has a very good blog component. And it did start out primarily as a tool for blogs. But nowadays WordPress is a fully featured platform for developing websites of all kinds, and is particularly well suited to business. More businesses run a website on WordPress than any other CMS.

Features for Business Websites

Websites using WordPress provide a wide range of business oriented features:

  • Self managed content: Update your web pages, menus and blog posts yourself, easily add images, PDFs and videos.
  • Search engine friendly: WordPress websites optimse beautifully for for search engines, with specialist plugins available with a wide range of support
  • Cross browser compatible: WordPress websites can look great in a wide range of browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome
  • web pages and integrated blog: all WordPress sites can incoporate a blog, but there is a full content management system for pages and other types of content
  • Fonts: use beautiful web fonts from Google, Typekit and many other sources
  • Sophisticated forms: make it easy for your customers to engage with you via updateable web forms – accept enquiries, allow for uploading of files

There are many features supported by the core WordPress software, and an even wider range are available to you from the ever expanding range of WordPress plugins.

Working with OM4

We have developed many hundreds of business websites using WordPress, check out some examples:

OM4 has also developed and published a number of WordPress plugins and extensions – some of these are open source and part of our contribution to the WordPress platform, others are commercial extensions available for purchase:

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