typekit-logoWhen the team from Typekit announced back in May they were planning a new font service, it sounded really interesting.

But now they have released it. And what a release it is.

The easiest way to use Real Fonts on your website.

We’ve upgraded om4.com.au to use Proxima Nova as our base font. And the fancy handwritten font in this post is Bello Pro, the font du jour on typekit.com at the time this post was published.

Given how hard it was to use non web-safe fonts previously, Typekit have just hit this one so far out of the park it isn’t funny.

Update: 16/11 James has completed our Typekit Fonts for WordPress plugin and published it to the WordPress plugin respository.

We will be integrating Typekit in to our WordPress sites via a new plugin, and I’m sure there will be a lot of options for WordPress sites in the near future.