WordPress 2.7 has now been released for WordPress MU.

WordPress 2.7 Dashboard

WordPress 2.7 Dashboard

As we have clients running on both WordPress and WordPress MU sites, we have been holding off upgrading. But we are now doing final testing and should upgrade all client sites next week (first week of February).

The 2.7 Dashboard is a great piece of work. The menus have changed a bit, but the new menus are very easy to understand so you shouldn’t have trouble using them.

There are many new features in the Dashboard that are intuitive to use.

If you would like to get a quick overview of the changes that are coming, you can play the video below. And you can read a more detailed list of the changes in text form as well.

If there is anything that doesn’t make sense to you, pop on to our forums and you can ask any questions there.