We have recently upgraded the OM4 platform to include the lastest WordPress (2.8 and 2.8.1) features.

There are quite a few improvements, including:

  • A much faster dashboard interface
  • A new drag-and-drop sidebar widgets interface
  • New screen options on every dashboard page (the tab at the top right)
  • Improved timezone support with automatic daylight savings time adjustment
  • Support for more than one image gallery on a single page
  • and many more

The full list of over 180 new features, changes upgrades and improvements can be found here.

Our Own Performance Benchmarks

Our own before and after testing has demonstrated an average of a 55% decrease in dashboard page load times:

  • Main Dashboard
    • Before: 50 file requests,  366KB total file size
    • After: 13 file requests,  167KB total file size
  • Write Post Screen (with visual editor and kitchen sink enabled)
    • Before: 108 file requests,  774KB total file size
    • After: 23 file requests,  340KB total file size
  • Manage Pages Screen
    • Before: 16 file requests,  289KB total file size
    • After: 11 file requests,  173KB total file size

We hope these performance improvements make administering your website a much more enjoyable task.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or post your question on our forums.