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WooCommerce Geolocation and WP Engine

Reading Time: < 1 minute

If you’re running an international WooCommerce store and you need to charge different tax or shipping rates to your customers depending on their location, WooCommerce’s geolocation feature is great.

The correct product/shipping pricing can be displayed automatically because WooCommerce knows which state/country the customer is visiting from.

Turning on Geolocation in WooCommerce is (ideally) as simple as going to Dashboard, WooCommerce, Settings, General Settings, and changing the “Default Custom Address” setting to “Geolocate (with page caching support)”.

Unfortunately, however, we haven’t had much luck using WooCommerce Geolocation on WP Engine hosted sites – eventually visitors start encountering “Too Many Redirects” errors.

WooCommerce 2.4 (released in August 2015), improved how their Geolocation feature works with static caching plugins (such as W3 Total Cache and WP Super Cache), however it still doesn’t work with WP Engine’s platform.

We’re huge fans of both WP Engine and WooCommerce, and we’d love to see the two play nicely together.

We reported the issues to WP Engine a few months ago, but unfortunately a solution hasn’t been found yet.

Are you a WP Engine customer wanting to use WooCommerce’s Geolocation feature on WP Engine?

If so, I encourage you to contact WP Engine support and let them know that you’d like to use WooCommerce Geolocation, but it doesn’t work with WP Engine. Feel free to mention ticket #486639.

Update October 2016: WooCommerce’s Geolocation feature now works with WP Engine, provided that you are using a WP Engine Business plan (which has access to WP Engine’s GeoIP feature). Personal and professional plans are unfortunately unable to use WooCommerce’s Geolocation feature.