One of our newer clients is Falko Luedtke from Vancouver. Falko’s website does a great job in presenting his credentials in strategic search engine marketing.

FalkoInc - Strategic Search Engine Marketing

FalkoInc - Strategic Search Engine Marketing

Falko and I are both members in the forums, and we have also both worked for IBM.

I asked Falko – after a month or so of being on our platform – what were some of the features he liked most about his migrated website:

I personally love that I don’t need to worry about updating or upgrading at all. That the site is running redundant and now with the CDN is available everywhere quick. Don’t forget the great support and always friendly staff

Falko makes great use of testimonials on his website – it is very effective for a search engine marketer to have an endorsement from Aaron Wall! Falko also made the smart move of asking for a site review from the SEO forum, where he got expert advice on refining his design (before he moved to our platform).

The site reviews are always a very interesting part of the forum, and you see time and time again that SEO experts focus relentlessly on making it easy for visitors to understand what is available and how to get what they want. There really is no point to having a lot of search engine visitors arrive at your website if they can’t find what they want.

It was Falko who asked whether we had any plans to utilise a Content Distribution Network (CDN). A timely question, and as we had been using Amazon S3 for some time and CloudFront had recently been released, we implemented it for our core WordPress files. As mentioned elsewhere, this gave most of our client websites an average 5-10% performance improvement.

I’m very pleased to have a search engine marketer for a client, we’ll have to be especially on our toes to make sure the platform stays on the cutting edge of search engine friendly!