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One Tide Charters

One Tide Charters’ Captain Greg Prouse has spent more than 25 years in the Kimberley. He’s made many extended trips and dedicated much of this time to exploring the coastline. In fact, Greg spent three months working with Malcolm Douglas to produce a documentary titled ‘One Wet Season’.

The site provides the details travellers need to sign on and prepare for a fun trip of a lifetime. The web pages sell the beauty of the Kimberley, the details of the cruises and the fun and adventure to expect on a tour. Using page builder software, this new website showcases the tours with maps and image galleries and makes it all easy to read on phones and desktops.

In all his years of touring Greg says one of the biggest things that surprises people is the vastness of the Kimberley. The site is filled with great content, to give travellers a strong sense of anticipation by covering the itineraries, the food, the camping and all the points of difference that One Tide brings to the Kimberley cruise market.

Outer Island Reef System
Island Cave
Cave System

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