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Japingka Aboriginal Art

Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery Exhibitions
Aboriginal art is amazing. Robert Hughes called it the last great art movement of the twentieth century.” The Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery website is a celebration of this exciting art movement. It showcases art from 40 regions of Australia. Art buyers can learn about the artists, view their art and enquire or buy online. It’s a visual feast.
Japingka Aboriginal Art Gallery Artists
Search for an artist by name. View a gallery of their work. Read an interview with them. Create your own wishlist in an enquiry cart. All easy.  This is a content rich website. It has artist profiles, blog posts, feature articles, and an Education page for teachers. You don’t have to know a lot about this art. The website makes it accessible to the broadest possible audience. It will tell you the story, and what a sensational story it is. The project prioritises the stylish presentation of the famous Japingka brand as well as ease of use for customers and staff.
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