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Index Features - Home Page UX
Index Medicolegal is a trusted provider of Independent Medicolegal Reports for defendants and plaintiffs across Australia, North America and the United Kingdom.
Index Features - Filter Experts

Dynamic Filters

A vital feature of the site is to allow visitors to sort the range of experts by Speciality or Text search. The Meet Out Experts page features custom icons to search via Discipline, or the user can choose from a detailed dropdown to pick via speciality.

Index Features - Expert Profiles

Expert Profiles

Each Expert has their own page rich with helpful information and links to contact or connect on LinkedIn.
Index Features - Conditional Logic Forms

Conditional Forms with HubSpot

To make life easier for the user and Index, the contact form was built with Conditional Logic so the one form can cover many areas reducing the need for multiple forms. This form also features a HubSpot connection to remove extra steps for the Index team.
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