Highrise CRMOne of the hardest aspects of online marketing is making sure the rubber hits the road.

Some times you will be marketing products that people can purchase online without any interaction. Other times you will get a lead and need to follow it up.

We are now using a new tool from 37Signals called Highrise. A free 30 day trial means you can easily see what it does and find out whether it works for you.

The main features I like are:

  • it keeps a record of all the people and companies we deal with
  • we use Tags to keep track of Prospects, Leads and Clients
  • it keeps track of Cases – we use these for each of our jobs
  • it lets me set up Tasks for myself and for others – a handy tool for delegating
  • we use it to record details of our systems and processes so everyone can follow them
  • and best of all I can do most things directly from my email

The email feature is really cool. If I get a new email enquiry, all I have to do is forward the email to my Highrise dropbox and Highrise creates a new contact and files the email against it.

I can also create a new task (for myself, or for others within OM4) simply by sending an email to a special dropbox with the appropriate subject line.

I’m not involved with 37Signals other than as a customer. But I’m finding I am recommending Highrise more and more as its such a useful tool to support online marketing.

I’m using it for OM4 and also for another business of ours. It really works well.