Send your branded news to prospects and clients

A Campaign Monitor email marketing account lets you send personalised newsletters and announcements to your customers and subscribers.

Campaign Monitor’s email templates are fully responsive and customisable, so every email you send can align with your brand.

This quick video gives a slimmed down view of how it works.

Creating your first newsletter

Do you have 19 minutes to spare? Check out this video: Getting Started with Campaign Monitor

Like to understand more? Try this series of short videos called Campaign Monitor 101.

Best Practice Tips

We have also hand-picked some of Campaign Monitors How To articles to help you create your first news campaign.

OM4's Knowledge Base

The OM4 Knowledge Base holds many articles about email marketing generally, and about using Campaign Monitor in particular. Features to learn more about are:

Dynamic Content. Send one email newsletter with interchangeable images, special offers and pricing. For example 90% of newsletter content stays the same for all customers, and 10% is tailored for subgroups of subscribers.

Google Analytics. Link Campaign Monitor with Google Analytics and see how many people click on your email campaigns, land on your website and go on to become leads and customers.

Subscribe Buttons. Allow subscriber sign-up from your website and even use the Campaign Monitor subscription app on your iPad.

Extra Features of Campaign Monitor

Autoresponders. When you deliver a series of emails automatically, one or more days apart, you're creating what Campaign Monitor calls a Customer Journey. When subscribers join the autoresponder list, emails are triggered and delivered automatically with the delay you specify between each message. Read more about Advanced Automation and Customer Journeys You Can Implement For Your Clients.

Transactional Emails. Transactional emails (also called triggered emails) automatically send when a user completes an action. Transactional emails can include account registration emails, order confirmations, cart abandonment emails, and password resets.

A/B Testing. A/B testing allows you to see the best performing elements of your newsletter. Trial different subject lines, content and layout. Testing can improve an individual campaign and also give you insights for future ones. As an example you might find that using an emoji in your subject line increases open rates.

Syncing with other Apps. Campaign Monitor has 250+ integrations with CRMs, eCommerce, surveys, forms and analytics dashboards. Some popular integrations are with Salesforce, Magento and GetFeedback. For example, if you integrate your email efforts with Salesforce you can gain more information about your customers and then send hyper-targeted emails.

Campaign Monitor's Resource Library

Campaign Monitor Email Marketing GuidesCampaign Monitor also offers a growing library of resources to help you make the most of your news. Topics include:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Marketing to Gen Z
  • The Comprehensive Guide to Elevate your Email Engagement
  • The Ultimate Guide to Email Marketing for Nonprofits
  • How to Build your Marketing Campaign Calendar
  • The Marketer's Guide to Choosing Images in Email
  • How Effective are Welcome Emails?
  • 13 Things Email Marketers Should know about Spam
  • 7 Tips for Building an Engaged Email List
  • Email Roundup: 6 Emails every Small Business should send
  • Email Best Practices: How to Create an Email List