Content marketing is all about using your content to attract attention and engage visitors in a conversation. A blog is a brilliant tool to help you generate new content over time, with each new post acting as a new web page and drawing search visitors.

But there are two problems associated with blog posts:

  • Categories: the category pages are not that useful. Just a list of posts. And to avoid confusing search engines with duplicate content, it is a good idea to stop them being indexed anyway.
  • Invisibility: once posts go into your archives, they can lose visibility. You want your great blog posts to be visible at the right time.

We’ve recently come up with a new WordPress plugin that tackles these problems.

It lets you match up Blog Categories to pages in your website:

  • When a page is linked to a Category, the latest posts from that category will automatically be linked at the bottom of the page.
  • Each post in that category will automatically have a link up to the the related page.

Once the plugin is activated, under Dashboard, Manage, Categories you can simply associate any page in your website with a category, and the automatic behavior takes over.

This makes it possible to create a page with a lot of rich content about a topic, and then each time you post on that same topic, the post is automatically linked on that page. It is a bit like a souped up Category page.

Our first implementation of this plugin is specific to the OM4 theme. In the future we hope to make this more generic so we can publish the plugin.