Staff Checklist

If you are running a WooCommerce online store staff training can take up a lot of time. Documentation is expensive and can be out of date by the time you finish preparing it. Even when you put in all the effort it can still come down to how well your staff remember their training.

The reputation and profitability of your WooCommerce online store relies on the performance of your order fulfilment staff. How can you train them in real time so that these critical elements are no longer left to chance?

The WooCommerce plugin After The Order allows you to set up notes with product information so that your instructions appear inside each “new order” email that your staff receive when an order is placed.

Your knowledge is recorded so that staff know exactly how to process an order to your standards every time.

You can set a checklist which might involve several useful elements relating to all sales in your store or a specific product.

These checklists allow you to cover areas such as:

  • supplier contacts
  • packaging requirements
  • delivery instructions
  • frequent return alerts (details to double check)
  • up-sell and cross-sell offers
  • health and safety instructions
  • payment information

By having this level of detail inside each new order email your staff can be productive and efficient from day one. They don’t have to remember instructions because they have your checklist right there at the time they are processing the order.

Real time training for order fulfilment staff is a great way to help yourself, your team and the profitability of your WooCommerce store.

Here’s where you can learn more about After The Order.

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