Because we have customers and suppliers in many parts of the world, I frequently need to know what time it is in other cities.

Until recently my favourite resources were:

  • just typing ‘what time is it new york’ into Google (and this invariably gives me the answer from
  • (which has a nice map style layout, which really helps to understand the time difference)

Time Map Widget

Time Map Widget

Recently I came across an excellent Widget (Mac only) that does a brilliant job in this area. It is called Time Map, and was written by Harry Kao.

What I like about Time Map is the way I can see the time in 7 different cities at once. I’ve always had to think hard about US time zones, and somehow West, Central and Eastern times all together makes it very easy to understand. I can also see the time in the UK and India, which means I can ‘visualise’ the time all around the world.

The interface lets you hover over one of the 7 cities and a line sweeps out to point to the correct dot on the map. It also shows you the day/night situation, so it is easy to visualise when people are likely to be available.

This is a beautifully implemented widget that is head and shoulders above the other tools I have used to tackle the timezone map issue.

Hope you have a Mac and can enjoy it too.