A lot of businesses want a custom designed website to match their brand and structure their online presence in a very specific way.

And there are also a lot of businessses who want to get online rapidly, but don’t want to waste money on a one-off website that won’t grow with them. When customers are looking for this kind of outcome, we’ll often help them launch a simple WordPress website that uses a template – they use their own custom logo and colours, but essentially reuse a simple layout and focus their efforts on content rather than design.

This keeps costs down, but doesn’t stop them from adding a new design to their site later on. This approach is at the heart of our new Business Website in a Day workshop series.

Creative TeamsAbout a year ago I worked with James Gill (aka Fish) on his Creative Teams website. I asked Fish for his feedback on the value of launching a business website based on a ‘template’.

Glenn: Did launching a website using a template approach benefit your business? How?

Using a template allowed me to get a website up in no time at all with very little outlay and clarify my business offerings without a laborious and more costly design process. I landed (compulsory fish reference) a major global client with my first website enquiry, which led to a year-long consulting program and an ongoing relationship with them. If my website hadn’t been up, they would have been ‘the one that got away’ (oops, it’s a habit). Now, after a year of successful operation, I have time and money to undertake a web design process.

Glenn: Why would a business launch with a template compared to a full design process?

It’s ideal for people who just want to take the plunge (ok, I’ll stop it now!) and know that the first 12 months of running their business will be a time of working out exactly what you have to offer and how and to whom you’re going to offer it.

Glenn: How, specifically, does your website help your business operate?

It generates a lot of business via google ads. That’s currently my main online marketing strategy.