OM4 Service Desk

OM4 clients have access to the OM4 Service Desk.

You can ask for help in how to use your website as well as more general topics relating to marketing your business online. We’ll respond to you by:

  • pointing you to articles and resources that help you understand how to update your website yourself
  • if appropriate, offering you a fixed price option in case you want us to do the task for you
  • if appropriate, offering you a 1 on 1 training session – once again for a fixed price – to teach you how to do the task

We’ve adopted this approach so that customers who want to learn to do things themselves have lots of help to do just that, while those who just want to get things done can also do just that.

If you are a customer and need help, visit the OM4 Service Desk.

Need to find out how to do something? Check out the 100+ How To articles in our knowledge base.