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OM4 Service Desk

OM4 clients have access to the OM4 Service Desk How To Directory for free resources offered by the developers of the plugins and themes frequently used on OM4 websites.

Bookmark this page as the place to start when you want to find your own website solutions.

Your OM4 website also has a menu of links that can be found at the orange OM4 Service button that appears when you login to your website. You will find your website Guide page here, as well as links to a short videos and the OM4 Knowledge Base of articles about using your website.

You can also ask the OM4 Service Desk for assistance with more general topics relating to marketing your business online. We offer these services at our hourly rate:

  • Website troubleshooting
  • Task completion
  • Team training and
  • Online Marketing Consulting

We’ve adopted this approach so that customers who want to learn to do things themselves have help to do just that, while those who just want to get things done can also do just that.

If you are a customer and need help, visit the OM4 Service Desk.